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A British multidisciplinary, ambitious creative. I’m interested in art, fashion, film, photography, design and print. I don’t believe in limits and always aim further than initial potential.

After studying and practicing photography for 5+ years I have achieved a fundamental understanding of visual communication through all mediums. I proactively focus on connecting conceptual thinking with creative production, ensuring every visual outcome from photo to design effectively communicates the initial concept. I believe one of my main skills is to not just learn, but to genuinely understand any task, concept or process. This understanding really benefits my everyday workflow and I activity utilise this with all challenges.

Since graduating I set a personal goal of enhancing my design and creative skill set as well as experiencing life in another country. This led me to Amsterdam, starting my career as a Creative Intern at LikeFriends, a socially innovative and creatively successful agency with a diverse client range such as Pepsi, Lay’s, Panasonic, KLM and Mountain Dew. My initial role as a creative ranged from campaign conception to art working and I then developed a focus on design and creative production. My time at LikeFriends has enabled me to further develop my existing skills to a productive and valuable industry standard. Progressing from photography to design I really understand the experience of viewing and presenting visual information. I believe these two complimentary skill sets make me a valuable productive asset. 

I am technically skilled, creatively ambitious and I have goals of art direction and developing a multidisciplinary creative/artistic platform. I am now looking forward to moving into a more defined and challenging role.


Previous Work:

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